Dare to Be Happy: Aruba

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Embark on a breathtaking 5-day journey to Aruba, a gem of the Caribbean, known for its stunning turquoise waters, vibrant culture, and warm, welcoming locals. This island paradise, not only boasts a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and luxury, but also a rich history and unique desert-like landscape contrasted by pristine beaches.


  • Submarine Expedition
  • Baby Beach Aruba Jeep Adventure Tour


Welcome to the beginning of your unforgettable journey in Aruba, an island where the sun warmly greets you and the crystal-clear waters beckon with their tranquil beauty. As your plane descends, the stunning vista of white sandy beaches and lush landscapes unfolds beneath you, a promise of the paradise that awaits.

Upon landing, you’re immediately enveloped in the island’s balmy breeze, carrying hints of salt and tropical flora. The vibrant culture of Aruba welcomes you with open arms, and the excitement of discovery fills the air. From the moment you step off the plane, you’re immersed in a world where relaxation and adventure coexist in perfect harmony.

Your first day in Aruba is yours to settle in and soak up the island’s serene ambiance. Take your time to explore your surroundings, feel the soft sand under your feet, and listen to the gentle lap of the waves. The day is a blank canvas, inviting you to paint it with moments of leisure and anticipation for the evening’s exquisite culinary experience.

As the sun begins to set, painting the sky in hues of fiery orange and pink, you prepare for an evening at Infini Chef’s Experience. This isn’t just a dinner; it’s a journey into the heart of Aruba’s gastronomy, an adventure for your taste buds. Starting off with champagne, they ensure to warm those taste buds up. 

Your first day in Aruba culminates in this dining experience, setting the tone for the days to come. It’s the perfect start to your journey – a blend of relaxation, anticipation, and the promise of unforgettable experiences ahead.

Embark on an unforgettable journey at the Renaissance Mall, a luxurious shopping haven nestled in the heart of a vibrant city. As you stroll through the elegantly designed corridors, you’ll be mesmerized by an array of high-end boutiques and exclusive stores, offering everything from designer fashion to exquisite jewelry. Each shop presents a unique opportunity to indulge in the latest trends and timeless classics, making your day a perfect blend of contemporary style and classic elegance.


After a day of retail therapy, retreat to the tranquil Sanctuary by the Beach, a serene oasis where the soothing sounds of waves create a symphony for the soul. Here, under the gentle canopy of the sun, experienced therapists await to pamper you with beach massages that promise to rejuvenate both body and mind. Imagine the soft sand under your feet, the warm sun on your skin, and the gentle ocean breeze, as skilled hands work their magic, melting away the stress of everyday life.

Today, we’ll head to the iconic Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum, a place where the island’s rich heritage comes to life. Aruba Aloe, known for being one of the oldest Aloe companies in the world, offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and significance of aloe vera in Aruba, an island renowned for its quality aloe since 1890.

As you tour the state-of-the-art factory, you’ll witness the meticulous process of transforming aloe plants into a range of soothing products. The expert guides will take you through the journey of aloe, from field to product. You’ll walk amongst the verdant aloe fields, feeling the sun gently warming your skin, as you learn about the cultivation and harvesting techniques of one of nature’s most versatile plants.

In the museum, delve deeper into the historical significance of aloe in Aruba’s culture and economy. Discover ancient tools and methods, and learn how this miraculous plant has been used through the ages for its healing properties. The interactive displays and historical artifacts offer a unique educational experience that is both enlightening and engaging.

But that’s not all!

**An Enthralling Tale of a Submarine Expedition – A Voyage Beneath the Waves**

Imagine yourself aboard a state-of-the-art submarine, descending gently into the mesmerizing depths of the Caribbean Sea. The hatch closes, and a hush falls over the cabin as you begin your journey into the unknown. The submarine’s lights pierce the blue depths, revealing an underwater world teeming with life and color.

As you glide through the water, the submarine’s panoramic windows offer a front-row seat to the wonders of Aruba’s underwater ecosystem. You’re greeted by an explosion of color as you approach the vibrant coral reefs, home to an awe-inspiring array of tropical fish. Schools of bright yellow tangs, neon blue damselfish, and parrotfish adorned in a spectrum of colors dart in and out of the coral, creating a living tapestry that captivates your senses.

Your heart races with excitement as the submarine navigates through the mysterious remains of sunken shipwrecks. These historical relics, now part of the ocean’s landscape, whisper tales of a bygone era, adding a touch of intrigue and adventure to your underwater expedition. You can’t help but wonder about the stories and secrets they hold, now guarded by the sea.

As you journey further, you catch sight of a majestic sea turtle gliding gracefully through the water, its presence adding to the magic of this underwater world. The tranquility and beauty of the deep sea envelop you, offering a sense of peace and connection with nature that is both humbling and exhilarating.

Just when you think the experience couldn’t get any more magical, a school of playful dolphins appears, their joyful antics a delightful surprise. They seem to dance around the submarine, as if welcoming you to their underwater kingdom.

**Natural Pool, Caves & Baby Beach Aruba Jeep Adventure Tour**

Begin your adventure aboard a rugged Jeep, the perfect vehicle for navigating Aruba’s diverse terrain. Feel the thrill as you venture off the beaten path, with the warm Aruban breeze in your hair and the landscape unfolding around you in vibrant colors.

Your first destination is the stunning Arikok National Park. Here, amidst the rugged beauty, you’ll discover the hidden gem of Aruba – the Natural Pool. Enclosed by volcanic rock formations and accessible only by 4×4, this secluded pool offers a unique swimming experience in crystal-clear waters.

Next, delve into the depths of the island’s history at the Guadirikiri Caves. Marvel at the striking cave formations and beams of light that penetrate through openings, creating a mystical atmosphere. The caves’ rich history and natural beauty provide a serene and awe-inspiring exploration.

Conclude your tour at the idyllic Baby Beach, a slice of paradise with shallow, calm waters and a sweeping view of the Caribbean. Its inviting turquoise waters are perfect for a relaxing swim or snorkeling, where colorful marine life awaits.

This Jeep adventure tour is more than just a trip; it’s an opportunity to experience the rugged beauty, hidden secrets, and serene beaches of Aruba in a way that few get to see. Get ready for a day of adventure, exploration, and relaxation in some of Aruba’s most breathtaking natural wonders.

Day 5 :

As our remarkable journey in Aruba comes to a close, we at IDARU would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you for being an integral part of this unforgettable experience. Your presence and enthusiasm have transformed this trip into a vibrant tapestry of shared memories and joyous moments.

Aruba, with its pristine beaches, azure skies, and the warm embrace of its sun, has been the perfect backdrop for our adventure. It’s here that we’ve not only explored the beauty of the island but also witnessed the realization of daring dreams. IDARU, which stands for ‘I Dare You’, is more than just a name; it’s a philosophy that encourages each one of us to chase our dreams, however bold or ambitious they may be.

As we bid farewell to this beautiful island, let’s carry with us not just souvenirs, but also the spirit of Aruba – a spirit of boldness, beauty, and boundless possibilities. May the memories we’ve created here inspire you to continue pursuing your dreams with courage and passion.

Thank you for choosing IDARU as your companion on this journey. Until we meet again, keep daring, keep dreaming, and keep making those dreams a reality. Safe travels, and we look forward to embarking on another extraordinary adventure with you soon.

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  • 4 Nights Deluxe Accommodations
  • Daily Buffet Breakfast
  • VIP Meet + Greet Private Airport Transfer
  • Transfers between activities
  • Entrance/Tour Fees per Itinerary
  • Idaru Group Leader
  • Bon Voyage Group Video Call
  • Concierge Support
  • Private Group Chat
  • Photography package images
  • Idaru Gift Box

The Cost Excludes

  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa/Passport Fees
  • Hotel Incidentals
  • Optional Tours
  • Meals not mentioned
  • Tips for Drivers and Guides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to get a vaccination before going to Aruba?

No, you don’t, but we always recommend you talk to your local medical provider.

Is this a Independent trip or will Idaru Travel leaders accompany me?

Idaru Travel offers two types of trips.

This is a Travel with Idaru group trip. Our team will accompany the group throughout the entire journey, from departure to arrival. We will leverage our local knowledge and expertise to discover hidden gems, navigate cultural nuances, and gain deeper insight into the destination.

What is your refund policy?

All deposits for trips are non-refundable. Trip payments made after the deposit are eligible for a refund depending on where we are in proximity to the travel date. The refund policy is outlined on the Terms and Conditions page, which is all available on the Contact Us Tab.

To learn more about our refund policy, please visit our Booking Terms and Conditions page.

How do I book my trip?

When you navigate to our website, you can choose a pre-designed vacation curated by Idaru, or embark on an independent adventure with our ready-made packages.

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Do you offer payment plans?

At Idaru Travel, we are happy to work with you to ensure that you can experience the trip of a lifetime. However, all trip balances have to be paid off 45 days before your departure date. To learn more about our payment options, please consult with us and we can answer any questions you have.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is highly recommended as we cannot predict unforeseen circumstances interrupting your travel.


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