You Must See Sri Lanka

Hey everyone! Welcome to IDARU. I’m Sachet Marie (SA-SHAy Ma—well, you’ve got Marie right?), your go-to guide for all things thrilling and heart-racing! (Just don’t spill the beans to my mom…I’ve promised her my addictions are only of the healthy kind). But between you and me, this blog is your secret gateway to the latest tips, trips, and so much more!

To make this inaugural post truly special, I’ve got not one, but two exciting things to share with you! First off, let’s dive into my recent vlog from my exhilarating journey to Sri Lanka in December 2023. It was nothing short of amazing! Here’s your first tip (told you I had some up my sleeve) – if you’re planning a trip, aim for Christmas! Sri Lanka puts a unique and utterly exquisite spin on holiday decorations that you just can’t miss.

But wait, there’s more! It’s no secret (at least I don’t keep it one in the vlog) that this was my first rodeo with content creation. And trust me, I don’t want you to face the same hiccups I did on your debut. So, to save you from the newbie blues, I’ve put together an arsenal of tips and tricks for content creation. Consider this your ultimate how-to guide on capturing the most engaging, effective content for all your adventures! This will be a limited edition item only available to subscribers! Coming soon so stay tuned…..

Now, let’s kick things up a notch with a fun game – as you watch my vlog, try to spot which tips I nailed or not…..

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