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Whether you’re seeking a solo adventure, a romantic honeymoon for you and your partner, a family or group getaway, or a memorable cruise to explore uncharted territory, we’re here to help! Our team of travel designers at Idaru Travel is dedicated to creating unforgettable itineraries and experiences tailored to satisfy your desires.

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Chi-Town Shake up

Hello Global Steppers!This weekend, I celebrated turning the grand age of twenty-fine years old (and trust me, I plan on saying that for a while!). My birthday adventures took me on a mini trip to the heart of Chicago, where I had the pleasure of exploring a trending spot that's all about celebrating everyone's favorite frozen treat: the Museum of Ice Cream.Upon my arrival, I was greeted with an enchanting invitation: to leave all my troubles at the door and step into a magical world dedicated to ice cream. Naturally, I'm not one to break rules, especially when they promise such a delightful escape, so I happily obliged. As part of the immersive experience, I adopted an ice cream-related name. It was a no-brainer for me to choose "Sachet Delight" – it just resonated with my spirit.As I meandered from exhibit to exhibit, I was captivated by the array of fascinating ice cream facts that unfolded before me. My taste buds were treated to an extraordinary array of treats, from classic ice cream bars and sundaes to the more avant-garde ice cream nachos and even ice cream hot dogs! Yes, you read that correctly – ice cream hot dogs served on a pink bun, complete with real relish and mustard. It was a culinary experience that defied all expectations, challenging my palate in the most bewildering yet thrilling way.Being passionate about sharing cool, new, and downright bizarre experiences with you all, I couldn't resist capturing this moment. The hot dog flavored ice cream was a taste sensation that my taste buds will never forget – confusing, exhilarating, and utterly unforgettable. If your curiosity is piqued, I've got you covered! Check out this short clip to witness this culinary oddity in action. It's moments like these that remind me why I love exploring the unique corners of our world.For more adventures and to see what else I got up to during my birthday escapade, be sure to follow me on all platforms at Sachet Marie. Here's to more years of stepping globally and uncovering the wonderfully weird wonders our planet has to offer!Cheers to curiosity and ice cream,Sachet Delight

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